We all need reassurance that some people really do like us.

The Return
Adrian Chesser

WolvesAndrew Wyeth

Andrew Wyeth

A canine is just fine, but I do adore a dinosaur.
I don’t believe in children. I don’t believe in childhood. I don’t believe that there’s a demarcation. ‘Oh, you mustn’t tell them that. You mustn’t tell them that.’ You tell them anything you want. Just tell them if it’s true. If it’s true, you tell them.

The Indifferent Sublime
John Tottenham

Immerse yourself in sorrow, rake over pain.
Let the novelty of feeling something
wash through you in purifying waves
again and again. But kindness is unnerving,
tenderness hurts, and empathy
can be an excruciating form of martyrdom.
At the end of the day – when all is unsaid
and undone – you’re better off numb.

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Cat Power, You Are Free (2003)

Corpo Solido
Lucyna Kolendo


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Let’s Pretend
Tindersticks, Curtains (1997)